Ideal for muscular and nervous development of children, Maximinus shoes guide guide them in learning balance and walking. Maximinus shoe lets the foot breath while protecting it from the cold and assperities of the ground, it remains flexible in order to preserve the freedom of movement of the child. It can be worn indoor, and outdoor in dry weather.

Second skin
Pediatrists and podologists recommend walking barefoot to develop feet muscles and enhance learning and recognition of tactile feelings. Moving and walking are intense efforts for a baby, communication between the brain and feet is a constant stream. The feet (through the nerves) transmit information to the brain and help babies distribute their weight to find their balance. A flexible and lightweight shoe doesn’t prevent this mecanism. The shoe is acting like a second skin, it fits the child’s foot.

To ensure the quality of our products we have chosen to work with artisans and workshops with specific know-hows. Thus, our first-class biological leather comes from Germany (see below). Once it’s checked and sorted by ourselves, the making is then made by hand in Portugal, in a workshop specialized in footwear. The shoelaces are tailor-made in France and we finally take care ourselves to ship each single order. This process allows us to ensure quality at each stage of the production.

Vegetable tanned leather
The Maximinus shoe makes exclusive use of full grain leather, exempt of heavy metals. This german leather is Naturleder certified, an ecological label that guaranties the highest ecological and ethical standards. Maximinus is dedicated to respecting babies’ skin and preserving the environment.


Sizing and care
We recommend you measure your kid’s feet to choose the appropriate size.
S1: 10 cm max – 3,9 inch max — S2: 11 cm max – 4,3 inch max
S3: 12 cm max – 4,7 inch max — S4: 13 cm max – 5,1 inch max
The shoe will adapt to the child’s feet, that’s why we advise you mark the interior of the shoe to differentiate the left and right feet. When the shoes are dirty, we advise to scrub them gently with a piece of cotton and a baby moisturizing lotion.