Vegetable tanned leather

20 May 2015


Maximinus use a vegetable tanned leather. Why this choice?
Leather tanning is a chemical process that transform the animals skins into leather, making them more durable, softer and rot-proof. Mineral tanning is the most used method. It often uses chrome or other heavy metals. High speed production of modern industry have made this method as the standard, it represents approximatively 85% of the leather on the market. This process is extremely polluting, toxic for the leather industry workers and can be implicated in allergies.
Tanning is the process with the most hazardous potential for environment and health.  The controversial use of chrome as well as tanning with mineral tanning agents is prohibited. Instead, Naturleder uses vegetable tanning methods.
As leather products are purchased and processed internationally, the same social standards apply for all production steps of NATURLEDER products as apply for textiles.

Maximinus & French Mômes

15 April 2015

Impression Impression

Maximinus is part of the French Mômes sélection! Visit the website.


7 April 2015



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